A Day Treatment Program

                          For Adults
                with Psychiatric Illnesses 
                  and Substance Abuse
                        1 Centre St.
                    Ocean,  NJ   07712
               Tele:  (732)-922-0591
                Fax: (732)-922-0593
      For Additional Information or Referrals
                   Please Call Us at:
                         or email to:
             [email protected]

        State New Jersey                      

               Division of Mental Health
             Division of Addiction Services
        Division of Child/Adult Food Nutrition 
A commitment to providing the highest quality mental health services possible with a focus upon the individual needs of each client.     

With the ultimate goal of maximizing his/her independence through accepted clinical care based upon the concept of wellness and recovery.     
                          Hours of
            Monday thru Friday Program


            Full Breakfast, Lunch & Snack

        and transportation provided daily 

                   at no extra charge

                                                   Gateway is a Treatment Program                                   

               Designed to Help Individuals Diagnosed with mentaI illness and substance abuse                                       

                                                                    in order to:

  • Gain an understanding of mental illness 
  • Relapse and Prevention support.                      
  • Learn techniques for coping with mental illness and substance abuse.
  • Increase level functioning
  • Practice and improve general work behaviors
  • Promote healthy self esteem
  • Improve life skills
  • Develop and practice social skills
  • Enhance quality of life
  • Prevent unnecessary psychiatric re-hospitalization
              Quality Services Included

  • Pre-vocational skills training,work/life skills enhancement
  • Psych education
  • Substance abuse (MICA) education and       
  • CADC counseling. 
  • Coping skills and stress management
  • Life Skills education and  counseling
  • Therapeutic,social and recreational services   
  • Assessment & referral for more intensive treatment when needed

        Admission Criteria

  • Ages 18-older
  • history of mental Illness and substance Abuse
  • History of Psychiatric Hospitalizations or at risk for  Hospitalizations 
                  Program Philosophy
Gateway Partial Care Program's
management team provides over 25 years experience working with the  Psychiatric population.We offer a broad array of therapeutic
activities directed towards improving the lives of people with psychiatric illnesses in a holistic approach based on wellness and recovery model
                Experienced Staff Provide 

  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring
  • Crisis intervention
  • Individual supportive counseling and case management
  • Peer support training
  • Individual and group education and counseling
  • MICA and 12 step
  • Intensive skills training